The truth about building muscle

For those who want to build muscle there are a few requirements that come with it. First and foremost, you have to be dedicated to the efforts it’ll take, you’ll have to be motivated and you’ll have to want it. You’ll hear a lot of people spewing supposed truths about what it takes to do body building and they turn out to be myths. We’re here to debunk those myths and provide you with the truth about body building to help you get better on your way to a new and improved you.

One of the biggest lies we’ve heard is that you have to trick your body in order to build muscle. You’ll hear many saying that your body will grow tired of the same old hum drum routine and you have to keep switching it in order to keep it making muscle growth. The truth of the matter is your body doesn’t get bored of the routine, and changing is doing more harm than good. By sticking to one routine and keeping up with it, you’ll be building muscle better.
For those who are looking to get those to die for abs, many have said that it takes doing crunches to achieve that goal. While that’s partially true in the fact that crunches do build up the core muscles and give you abs, you still may not get the desired results. The truth of the matter is; our core muscles are hidden beneath the fat that develops on our stomach. So by reducing the amount of fat in that area, it’s easier to build up the muscle there and get those abs you’ve dreamed of. There are three different ab exercises that work great and work to promote muscle growth in the core area.
Another large myth is that exercise has to fall in to a certain number repetition. For years, this obsession has become bigger and bigger. While there is nothing wrong with having goals or aiming for a goal, there is no set repetition that isn’t going to produce better or faster results. What you need to focus on is using heavier weights and pushing to be able to lift more which will yield better results. Finally, there is a myth that has been circulating about the amount of meat you eat in comparison to help build muscle. While meat is great for things like getting your protein, however, there are quite a few studies that have linked the amount of meat that someone eats to some health issues later on in life. If you want protein in order to help build the muscle, there are plenty of health things that can be used to substitute meat. Instead of falling prey to ongoing health trends, the easiest way to build muscle and body is just by making sure that you’re not only eating the right amount of foods and food types, but by sticking to a work out regiment that works for you.